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Official Coaching Partner

After a long hiatus of racing and pool swimming in Hong Kong we can't wait to put all that open water training to the test in the Cold Half, Cold Plunge, and inaugural Cold Xtreme!

Please scroll down to find our free Cold Half Preparation Guide, and the coaching opportunity that we are offering in the run up to the race.

If you haven't signed up for the race yet please find the race website below.

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Who You Are Tomorrow Begins With What You Do Today

We're offering a special Cold Half, Plunge, and Xtreme online coaching programme for all ages and abilities.

The programme is fully customised to each individual or team, will be updated weekly up to the event, and it will include ongoing free coaching if the event is postponed.

Please click the button below for more details.


Fail To Prepare, Prepare To Fail

We've put together a comprehensive guide for you to prepare yourselves for the upcoming Cold Half absolutely free.

Please click the below button to download the Prep PDF.

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