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One Wright, One Athlete

Get 100% of the coach's attention with a one on one session. Whether you want to work on technique, key specifics, or want a coach to push you to the next level I have you covered.

Sessions can be organised at a venue that is convenient for you, either at a public space, sports venue, or at your own home.

Where appropriate a semi private (2 people) can also be offered for the same price. 

One on One sessions are currently available for:

  • Triathlon

  • Swimming

  • Running - Track or Trail

  • Cycling

  • Strength & Conditioning


Please scroll down to find the sign up form for one on one sessions.

If you are interested in a more comprehensive monthly training programme please click the button below.

Getting Ready to Run


$900 per hour

  • Tailored specifically for you.

  • Convenient - I will meet you in a location of your choosing suitable for your sport.

  • 100% of the coach's attention.

  • More comfortable and less self conscious.

  • Great preparation for group sessions or monthly training plans.

  • Semi-privates at the same price - split the cost with a friend.

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